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Update (Server)


The update operation modifies the server role and server function of a federated server. Once federated, some servers will need to be updated using this operation to assign it its appropriate server function, which ensures the federated server is provided the appropriate resources and requirements it needs to operate according to its function type. At ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes 11.2, this operation can be used to assign federated servers the WorkflowManager function.

Modify server roles

When modifying server roles, a server can be set as a federated server or be modified to a federated server that has a restrictive access model enabled that controls who has administrative and publisher access to the federated server.

Setting the server role as FEDERATED_SERVER_WITH_RESTRICTED_PUBLISHING will immediately restrict access to the federated server to only organization administrators. Organization members that have been assigned publisher privileges cannot access the federated server unless they are added to the publisher-specific group for the federated server or have the publisher-specific item shared to a group they belong to.

Modify server functions

At ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes 11.2, the only server function a federated server can be assigned is WorkflowManager. To configure a federated server as an ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server, the federated server must be an ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server with appropriate licensing.

Request parameters


Specifies whether the server is a federated server or a federated server with restricted access to publishing.



Specifies the functions for the federated server. The server can be assigned any of the values listed below as long as the server meets the requirements for each functional area. At 11.2, the only supported value for serverFunction is WorkflowManager.

Values: WorkflowManager


The response format. The default format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Example usage

The following is a sample POST request for the update operation:

POST /context/admin/orgs/0123456789ABCDEF/federation/servers/SHsQDdugnlgV0dvc/update HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: []


JSON Response example

  "serverId": "SHsQDdugnlgV0dvc",
  "status": "success"