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What's new in ArcGIS Enterprise Administrator API

Listed below are new and updated resources, operations, parameters, and properties added to ArcGIS Enterprise Administrator API at each release.


New operations and resources

The following resources and operations have been added to ArcGIS Enterprise Admin API at 10.9.1:

  • Update (Organization Properties)—This operation updates one or more organization properties.
  • Properties (Organization)—This resource lists properties specific to an organization that can be modified to control your deployment.
  • Configuration (Data Store)—This resource returns the current minimum and maximum resource allocations for a relational data store.
  • Edit (Data Store Configuration)—This operation updates the resource allocation for a relational data store.
  • Container Registry—This resource returns information for a specific container registry, including the registry login credentials.
  • Container Registries—This resource returns the container registries associated with your deployment.
  • Edit (Container Registry)—The operation allows for certain container registry properties to be updated after your organization has been configured.
  • Update (Backup)—This operation updates the set retention date for a backup.
  • Update (Backup Store)—This operation updates the properties for a backup store. Currently, this is limited to setting the backup store as the default store for your deployment.
  • Validate (Backup Store)—This operation validates that the backup store is able to access the object store and that the backup store is ready to perform backup operations.
  • Create (Task)—This operation creates a schedule of tasks for your deployment that run automatically. Currently, only CreateBackup tasks can be created.
  • Search—This operation allows you to filter your organization's log for specific log records using supported query types.
  • Job—This resource returns the progress and status message of an asynchronous job.
  • Jobs—This resource is a collection of jobs created within your deployment.

Updated operations and resources

The following resources and operations include updates to parameters, accepted values, or properties:

  • A new parameter, userManagedStores, has been added to the Configure operation. This parameter supports registering root folder paths for data stores using Network File Sharing. It's recommended that folder paths are registered using the userManagedStores parameter, rather than folderPathsToRegister.
  • Both the Configuration (Security) and Update (Security Configuration) operations support a new property, allowInternetCORSAccess. The allowInternetCORSAccess property controls the value of the "Access-Control-Allow-Private-Network" response header in a CORS preflight request.
  • A new parameter, retentionDate, has been added to the Create (Backup) operation. The retention date is the day when the backup will become eligible for cleanup by the backupRetentionCleaner task.
  • The Update (Task) operation supports updating any scheduled CreateBackup and BackupRetentionCleaner tasks. This includes support for updating the passcode for a backup.
  • The function of the startTime and endTime parameters for Query has been changed at 10.9.1. At 10.9, startTime specified the oldest time to query logs against, whereas endTime specified the most recent time to query logs against. At 10.9.1, startTime and endTime mirror their ArcGIS Enterprise counterparts, with startTime specifying the most recent time to query logs against and endTime specifying the oldest time to query against.


At 10.9.1, certain operations in ArcGIS Enterprise Admin API support running asynchronously. If run asynchronously, a job is created for the request, which can be checked occasionally to monitor progress and view status messages.

The following operations support the async operation:

Register data store item

With ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes 10.9.1, it's recommended that root folder paths being registered for data stores use Network File Sharing (NFS). These folder paths can be registered during organization configuration using the userManagedStores parameter. Though it's no longer recommended, support for folderPathsToRegister, which was the parameter used at 10.9 to register root folder paths during organization configuration, has not been removed. For more information, see Register Item (Data Stores).

Web adaptors

Web adaptor functionality was deferred from the initial release of 10.9. At 10.9.1, web adaptor functionality, and the operations and resources in ArcGIS Enterprise Admin API associated with those functions, are supported.

Deprecated operations and resources

The following resources and operations have been deprecated as of 10.9.1:

  • Find Services—The findServices operation could query and return a list of the services within your deployment.
  • Find Deployments—The findDeployments operation could query and return a list of microservices within your deployment.
  • Backup and Restore—The backuprestore resource provided access to the backups created for your organization, as well as operations to create a backup and check the status of a current backup. The child resources and operations previously housed under backuprestore have been moved elsewhere within the Disaster Recovery section of API. For an updated site structure, see Resource hierarchy.