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  • URL:https://<machines-url>/<machine_name>
  • Required Capability:Administrator


A server machine represents a machine on which ArcGIS Mission Server software has been installed and licensed. A site is composed of one server machine that hosts GIS services and data and provides administrative capabilities for the site.

The administrative capabilities of the server machine are available through the ArcGIS Mission Server Administrator Directory that can be accessed over HTTP or HTTPS. For a server machine to participate in a site, it must be registered (L) with the site. A machine can participate in only one site at a time. To remove a machine permanently from a site, you can use the unregister (L) operation.

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Below is a sample request URL for an individual machine resource:

JSON Response syntax

  "machineName": "<name>",
  "platform": "<OS platform>",
  "adminURL": "<URL>",
  "ports": { 
    "<name1>": "<value>",
    "<name2>": "<value>"
  "ServerStartTime": <value>,
  "webServerMaxHeapSize": <value>,
  "appServerMaxHeapSize": <value>,
  "socMaxHeapSize": <value>,
  "webServerSSLEnabled": <true|false>,
  "webServerCertificateAlias": <value>,
  "adminURL": <URL>,
  "configuredState": <"STARTED"|"STOPPED">,
  "synchronize": <true|false>,
  "underMaintenance": <true|false>

JSON Response example

  "machineName": "MACHINE.DOMAIN.COM",
  "platform": "Windows Server 2008 R2-amd64-6.1",
  "adminURL": "https://MACHINE.DOMAIN.COM:6443/arcgis/admin",
  "ports": {
    "HTTP": 6080,
    "webSocketsPort": 6180,
    "HTTPS": 6443
  "ServerStartTime": 1540391261590,
  "webServerMaxHeapSize": -1,
  "appServerMaxHeapSize": 256,
  "socMaxHeapSize": 64,
  "webServerSSLEnabled": true,
  "webServerCertificateAlias": "SelfSignedCertificate",
  "adminURL": "",
  "configuredState": "STARTED",
  "synchronize": false,
  "underMaintenance": false