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ArcGIS Developer

Server Directories

  • URL:https://<system-url>/directories
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.8


A collection of all the server directories is listed under this resource. You can add a new directory using the Register Directory operation. You can then configure GIS services to use one or more of these directories. If you no longer need the server directory, you must remove the directory by using the Unregister Directory operation.

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Below is a sample request URL for the directories resource:

JSON Response syntax

  "directories": [<dir1>, <dir2>]

JSON Response example

  "directories": [
      "name": "mycache",
      "physicalPath": "\\\\server\\arcgisserver\\mycache",
      "directoryType": "CACHE",
      "cleanupMode": "NONE",
      "maxFileAge": 0,
      "description": "Used by service configurations to read/write cached tiles.",
      "virtualPath": "/rest/directories/mycache"
      "name": "myjobs",
      "physicalPath": "\\\\server\\arcgisserver\\myjobs",
      "directoryType": "JOBS",
      "cleanupMode": "NONE",
      "maxFileAge": 0,
      "description": "Used to store GP jobs.",
      "virtualPath": "/rest/directories/myjobs"