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Edit GP service

  • URL:https://<notebookserveradmin>/services/serviceName.GPServer/edit(POST only)
  • Required Capability: Create and Edit ArcGIS Notebooks and Publish Web Tools
  • Version Introduced:11.0


ArcGIS Notebook Server supports overwriting a geoprocessing service previously published from a notebook.

The edit operation overwrites a service when an updated JSON representation of the service is submitted to it. A new snapshot of the notebook is automatically created for the web tool when the service is overwritten.

Read and input the serviceProperties of the service to be edited into the edit operation.

You must either be a user with administrative privileges or the owner of the notebook and web tool being edited.

Request parameters


The JSON representation of the service being created.


{"description": "Description of the web tool", "provider": "notebooks",
 "type": "GPServer","jsonProperties": {"title": "title","notebookId": "notebookId",
 "tasks": [{"type": "notebook", "name": "taskName" }]}}

The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html

Example usage

  "extensions": [],
  "provider": "notebooks",
  "jsonProperties": {
    "snapshotId": "execute-notebook-snapshot-7b5b9f746db14bf983fcd0112cbad96e.json",
    "notebookId": "8182aa0f33324e1a9184889e13c36a4b",
    "title": "webtoolTitle",
    "tasks": [
        "name": "taskName",
        "type": "notebook"
  "description": "Description of task",
  "datasets": [],
  "serviceName": "13187da5eedd412d871a224072fca07d",
  "type": "GPServer",
  "frameworkProperties": {},
  "portalProperties": {
    "isHosted": false,
    "portalItems": [
        "itemID": "13187da5eedd412d871a224072fca07d",
        "type": "GPServer"

JSON Response syntax

{"status": "<success|failure>"}

JSON Response example

{"status": "success"}