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GP Result

  • URL: https://<catalog-url>/<serviceName>/GPServer/<taskname>/jobs/<job-id>/results/<param-name>
  • Version Introduced:10.9.1-*


The GP results resource represents a result parameter for a GP job. It provides information about the result parameter, such as its name, data type, and value. The value is the most important piece of information provided by this resource. Based on the data type of the parameter, the value provides different types of information. Consequently, the value will have different structures based on the data type as defined below.

As part of the results, an HTML view of the notebook is created. This HTML view of the notebook displays the status of the notebook as the web tool was run and helps in troubleshooting any errors created during the execution of the web tool.

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

JSON Response syntax

    "paramName": "<paramName>",
    "dataType": "<dataType>",
    "value": <valueLiteralOrObject>

JSON Response example

    "paramName": "Output_String",
    "dataType": "GPString",
    "value": "TestString"

JSON Response example 2

  "containerConfigStoreId": "abc40fea074640ab87366d4c6a746a64",
  "outputPreview": {
    "paramUrl": "results/outputPreview"