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GP service

  • URL: https://<catalog-url>/<serviceName>/GPServer
  • Version Introduced:10.9.1


Geoprocessing is a fundamental part of enterprise GIS operations. Geoprocessing provides data analysis, data management, and data conversion tools.

ArcGIS Notebooks allows you to author a notebook and share it as a web tool. A web tool represents an asynchronous geoprocessing service that is executed on ArcGIS Notebook Server. Web tools allow you to share your notebook capabilities with others in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal. A web tool contains a task that uses input data that is either entered in a client application or predefined in the notebook, processes it, and returns output in the form of features, maps, reports, or files.

Only the owner of a notebook can publish that notebook as a web tool, and the publish web tools privilege is required, in addition to notebook privileges. Only one web tool per notebook is allowed.

Request parameters


The response format. The default format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

JSON Response syntax

  "currentVersion": <currentVersion>,
  "serviceDescription": "<serviceDescription>",
  "tasks": [
  "executionType": "esriExecutionTypeAsynchronous",
  "capabilities": <capabilities>

JSON Response example

  "serviceDescription": "This web tool will search through all web maps in specified groups and will attempt to connect to each layer URL, basemap URL, etc.",
  "tasks": [
  "executionType": "esriExecutionTypeAsynchronous"