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Import Site


Starting at 10.7.1, ArcGIS Notebook Server provides this operation to restore a site configuration from a backup. The backup will have been created and exported by the exportSite operation as a ZIP file with the .agssite file extension.

Performing this operation will overwrite the current contents of your ArcGIS Notebook Server site's configuration store with the contents from the backup. You can use it to restore a site configuration in the event of machine failure or human error.

The import operation may take a while to complete. When you execute the operation, keep the tab open on your browser until the operation completes, as a report will be delivered to the page.


The site does not keep a copy of the report after the operation completes; if you navigate away from the page before then, you will not be able to view the report confirming that the operation was successful.

Request parameters



The full path to the location of the exported site you want to import. Include the .agssite file extension in this path.

Example response

The site was successfully imported.