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ArcGIS Developer

Open Notebook

  • URL:https://<notebookserveradmin>/notebooks/openNotebook(POST only)
  • Required Capability:Administrator or Create and Edit ArcGIS Notebooks
  • Related Resources:Notebooks, Notebook
  • Version Introduced:10.7


The openNotebook operation moves a notebook into active status in a container. The operation request can enclose any unique notebook ID; you can specify the ID of an existing notebook to open it, or leave all ID fields blank to create and open a new notebook.

Request parameters


The portal item ID of the notebook you want to open. This is required if templateId or templateNotebookis not provided.


The itemId value of an Esri Sample Notebook. This is used when creating a notebook from an Esri Sample Notebook.


This parameter has been deprecated at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9. You can create a notebook from a sample notebook by opening a sample notebook and using save as.


The ID of the notebook runtime (Standard, Advanced, or Custom) to be used when opening a notebook.


The notebook JSON. This is used when saving an existing notebook as a new notebook and when opening the new notebook item.


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

JSON Response syntax

  "jobId": "jobId",
  "jobUrl": "jobUrl",
  "status": "success|failure"

JSON Response example

  "jobId": "jf9322f05-6b31-4bdd-8d42-be471fe904eb",
  "jobUrl": "",
  "status": "success"