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System properties

  • URL:https://<system-url>/properties
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.7


ArcGIS Notebook Server includes configuration properties that control some of its behavior. This resource is a container for these properties. The properties are available to all server objects and extensions through the server environment interface.

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

System properties


Linux machines only. New at 10.7.1. If set to true, it reverts to using the OS default permission settings when creating users' private workspace directories. The default is false. If you set this property to true, the OS user running the ArcGIS Notebook Server daemon must have a UID of 1050 and a GID of 100 to match that of the container user. See Configure ArcGIS Notebook Server directories for more information.


The time (in minutes) after which an empty container is closed automatically. The default is 60 (1 hour).


The lowest ephemeral port that containers in your site can use for communication with the server.


The highest ephemeral port that containers in your site can use. Containers will open on ports between this value and the containersStartPort value.


New at 10.8.1. If true, HTML access to the REST Services Directory is disabled for ArcGIS Notebook Server.


New at 10.8. The threshold of remaining available disk space after which ArcGIS Notebook Server will log messages about low disk space. The default is 5 GB.


The host name your Docker component will use to communicate with your site. The default is localhost.


The port your server site will use to communicate with its Docker component.


The time (in minutes) after which idle notebooks are closed automatically. The default is 1440 (24 hours).


Updates the default JSAPI URL used in a notebook by the Python API and map widgets.


The maximum number of user-opened containers that can be simultaneously active per machine, assuming the machine has the necessary CPU and memory resources to support the containers. Containers opened by the executeNotebook operation do not count toward this limit.


New at 10.8. The maximum number of containers opened through the remote executeNotebook operation that can be simultaneously active per machine.


New at 10.8. The maximum amount of time (in minutes) that a notebook run by the executeNotebook operation can take to execute. If the notebook runs this long, it will be terminated. The default value is 120 minutes (2 hours).


The web URL your users see.


The maximum packet size (in megabytes) that can be sent by WebSocket communication with the server site. The default is 16 MB.

JSON Response syntax

  "dockerConnectionPort": <port number>,
  "webSocketSize": <size in MB>,
  "maxContainersPerNode": <integer>,
		"maxExecuteNotebookContainersPerNode": <integer>,
		"maxExecuteNotebookTimeMinutes": <time in minutes>,
		"diskSpaceThresholdGB": <integer>,
  "containersStartPort": <port number>,
  "containersStopPort": <port number>,
  "idleNotebookThreshold": <time in minutes>,
  "containerCreatedThreshold": <time in minutes>,
  "dockerConnectionHost": "<host machine>",
  "applyDefaultUserWorkspacePermissions": "<true | false>",
  "disableServicesDirectory": <true | false>

JSON Response example

  "dockerConnectionPort": 2375,
  "webSocketSize": 64,
  "maxContainersPerNode": 20,
		"maxExecuteNotebookContainersPerNode": 5,
		"maxExecuteNotebookTimeMinutes": 120,
		"diskSpaceThresholdGB": 5,
  "containersStartPort": 30001,
  "containersStopPort": 31000,
  "idleNotebookThreshold": 1440,
  "containerCreatedThreshold": 60,
  "dockerConnectionHost": "localhost"
  "applyDefaultUserWorkspacePermissions": "false",
  "disableServicesDirectory": true