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ArcGIS Developer

Web Adaptor

  • URL:https://<notebookserveradmin>/system/webadaptors/<webadaptor>(POST only)
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.7


This resource provides information about the ArcGIS Web Adaptor configured with your ArcGIS Notebook Server site.

ArcGIS Web Adaptor is a web application that runs in a front-end web server. One of the Web Adaptor's primary responsibilities is to forward HTTP requests from end users to ArcGIS Notebook Server in a round-robin fashion. The Web Adaptor acts a reverse proxy, providing the end users with an entry point into the system, hiding the server itself, and providing some degree of immunity from back-end failures.

The front-end web server could authenticate incoming requests against your enterprise identity stores and provide specific authentication schemes like Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), HTTP Basic or Digest.

Most importantly, ArcGIS Web Adaptor provides your end users with a well-defined entry point into your system without exposing the internal details of your server site. ArcGIS Notebook Server will trust requests being forwarded by ArcGIS Web Adaptor and will not challenge the user for any credentials. However, the authorization of the request (by looking up roles and permissions) is still enforced by the server site.

ArcGIS Notebooks use the WebSocket protocol for communication. You can update the maximum size of the file sent using WebSocket by updating your site's webSocketMaxHeapSize property.

Request Parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Response Format

    "id": "<id>",
    "webAdaptorURL": "<url>",
    "description": "<description>",
    "httpPort": "<httpPort>",
    "httpsPort": "<httpsPort>",
    "isAdminEnabled": "<true|false>",
    "serverName": "<serverName>",
    "refreshServerListInterval": '<refresh interval value>',
    "reconnectServerOnFailureInterval": '<reconnectServerOnFailureInterval value>',

Example Usage

    "reconnectServerOnFailureInterval": 1,
    "webAdaptorURL": "",
    "httpPort": 80,
    "isAdminEnabled": true,
    "id": "660be520-69b5-4340-8dbe-86d79e70f667",
    "refreshServerListInterval": 1,
    "httpsPort": -1,
    "machineName": "mynotebookserver",
    "machineIP": ""