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Join Site

  • URL:https://<portaladmin>/joinSite
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.4


The joinSite operation connects a portal machine to an existing site. You must provide an account with administrative privileges to the site for the operation to be successful.

When an attempt is made to join a site, the site validates the administrative credentials, then returns connection information about its configuration store back to the portal machine. The portal machine then uses the connection information to work with the configuration store.

If this is the first portal machine in your site, use the Create Site operation instead.

The joinSite operation:

  • Registers a machine to an existing site (active machine)
  • Creates a snapshot of the database of the active machine
  • Updates the token shared key
  • Updates Web Adaptor configurations
  • Sets up replication to keep the database of both machines in sync

The operation is time-consuming as the database is configured on the machine and all configurations are applied from the active machine. After the operation is complete, the web server that hosts the API will be restarted.

Request Parameters


The admin URL of the existing portal site to which a machine will be joined


The username for the initial administrator account of the existing portal site.


The password for the initial administrator account of the existing portal site.


The formatting parameter. Default is html.

Values: json | html

Example Usage


JSON Response Example