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Refresh User Membership

  • URL:https://security/users/refreshMembership(POST only)
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Related Resources:refreshMembership
  • Version Introduced:10.3


This operation iterates over every enterprise group configured in the portal and determines if the input user accounts belong to any of the configured enterprise groups. If there is any change in membership, the database and the indexes are updated for each user account. While portal automatically refreshes the memberships during a user login and during a periodic refresh (configured through the Update Identity Store operation), this operation allows an administrator to force a refresh.


This operation is only supported if portal is configured with enterprise groups. This operation may take a while to complete if there are a substantial number of enterprise users and groups.

Request Parameters


The comma separated list of user names for whom the memberships need to be refreshed.


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage