Update License Manager


ArcGIS License Server Administrator works with your portal and enforces licenses for ArcGIS Pro. This operation allows you to change the license server connection information for your portal.

When you import entitlements into portal using the Import Entitlements operation, a license server is automatically configured for you. If your license server changes after the entitlements have been imported, you only need to change the license server connection information.

You can register a backup license manager for high availability of your licensing portal. When configuring a backup license manager, you need to make sure that the backup license manager has been authorized with the same organizational entitlements. After configuring the backup license manager, Portal for ArcGIS is restarted automatically. When the restart completes, the portal is configured with the backup license server you specified.


In earlier versions of Portal for ArcGIS, you were required to restart the portal manually to apply changes to the ArcGIS License Server Administrator configuration. Beginning at 10.3.1, restarting the portal manually is no longer required.

Request Parameters


The JSON representation of the license server connection information.


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage

		"hostname": "licensemanager.domain.com,backuplicensemanager.domain.com",
		"port": 27000