Update Server

  • URL:<serverid>/update
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.4


This operation allows you to set an ArcGIS Server federated with Portal for ArcGIS as the hosting server or to enforce fine-grained access control to a federated server. You can also remove hosting server status from an ArcGIS Server. You can also remove hosting server status from an ArcGIS Server. To set a hosting server, an enterprise geodatabase must be registered as a managed database with the ArcGIS Server.

Request Parameters


Whether the server is a hosting server for the portal, a federated server, or a server with restricted access to publishing. The allowed values are FEDERATED_SERVER, FEDERATED_SERVER_WITH_RESTRICTED_PUBLISHING, or HOSTING_SERVER.


Description: The response format. Default is html.

Value: html | json | pjson


serverFunction associates a specific function with the server. It takes in a comma separated list of values. The allowed values are GeoAnalytics,RasterAnalytics, and ImageHosting. Values can be comma separated but it is not recommend that a single server have all the server functions.

Added at 10.5.

Example Usage<serverid>/update?f=json&serverRole=FEDERATED_SERVER_WITH_RESTRICTED_PUBLISHING

JSON Response Syntax

    "status": "success",
    "serverId": "iSoD09CM73g0tmu9"