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Update System Properties


This operation updates one or more System Properties. When using this operation, you must pass in all of the previously modified system properties. For example, first obtain all of the modified system properties, then update or add properties in this list. When you pass the properties to the operation, only the properties that have been updated or added to the JSON object will be modified in the portal.

Request Parameters


The JSON object containing all the properties.


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage

Example 1: To update the privatePortalURL property, first list all other previously modified properties, then update the privatePortalURL property:
    "nonProxyHosts": "localhost||*",
    "privatePortalURL": "https://loadbalancer:7443/arcgis"

Example 2: To add new properties, first list all other previously modified properties and then add the new properties:
    "nonProxyHosts": "localhost||*",
    "privatePortalURL": "https://loadbalancer:7443/arcgis",
    "httpProxyHost": "",
    "httpsProxyHost": "",
    "httpProxyPort": 80,
    "httpsProxyPort": 443