Web Adaptors


The Web Adaptors resource lists the ArcGIS Web Adaptor configured with your portal. You can configure the Web Adaptor by using its configuration web page or the command line utility provided with the installation.

Request Parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: json | html

JSON Response Syntax

  "webAdaptors": [Web Adaptor]

JSON Response Example

  "webAdaptors": [
      "machineName": "server.domain.com",
      "machineIP": "",
      "webAdaptorURL": "https://myorg.com/gis",
      "id": "8b2846c8-984e-43a9-805b-61fc22d0a2e3",
      "description": "Web adaptor for Portal for ArcGIS",
      "httpPort": 80,
      "httpsPort": 443,
      "refreshServerListInterval": 1,
      "reconnectServerOnFailureInterval": 1