Create Cluster

  • URL:http://server:port/arcgis/admin/clusters/create (POST only)
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.1



Clusters have been deprecated. The use of clusters for new deployments is strongly discouraged and existing deployments are advised to migrate away from use of clusters as part of ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Creating a new cluster involves defining a clustering protocol that will be shared by all server machines participating in the cluster. All server machines that are added to the cluster must be registered with the site. The clustering protocol and the initial list of server machines are optional. In this case, the server picks the default clustering protocol and selects the port numbers such that they do not conflict with other configured ports on the server machine. Once a cluster has been created you can add more machines (to increase the compute power) or remove them (to reduce the compute power) dynamically.

Request Parameters


Description: The name of the cluster. This must be a unique name within a site


Description: An optional comma-separated list of server machines to be added to this cluster.


Description: A TCP port number that will be used by all the server machines to communicate with each other when using the TCP clustering protocol. This is the default clustering protocol. If this parameter is missing, a suitable default will be used.


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage