Edit Service

  • URL:http://server:port/arcgis/admin/services/[<folder>]/<serviceName.serviceType>/edit(POST only)
  • Required Capability:Publisher or Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.1


To edit a service, you need to submit the complete JSON representation of the service, which includes the updates to the service properties. Editing a service causes the service to be restarted with updated properties.


  • The JSON is submitted to the operation URL as a value of the parameter service.
  • You can leave out the serviceName and type parameters in the JSON.
  • Any other properties that are left out of the JSON are not persisted by the server.


Service Description PropertiesDescription

An optional user-readable description for the service.


The capabilities of the service. The domains of these values are specific to each service type.


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json


Decides if the operation must run asynchronously.

Values: true | false

Service Framework PropertiesDescription

The name of the cluster to which this service must be deployed.


Clusters have been deprecated. The use of clusters for new deployments is strongly discouraged and existing deployments are advised to migrate away from use of clusters as part of ongoing maintenance and upgrades.


The minimum number of instances of the service to create on each node within the cluster. The default is 1.


The maximum number of instances of the service to create on each node within the cluster. The default is 2.


The maximum amount of time (in seconds) the framework should wait to get a free instance of the service. The default is 60 seconds.


The maximum amount of time (in seconds) an idle instance of a service must be kept alive before it can be destroyed. The default is 1800 seconds.


The maximum amount of time (in seconds) an instance can service a request. The default is 600 seconds.


The maximum amount of time (in hours) an instance of the service can live. The default is 24 hours.


The load balancing algorithm the framework must use for distributing service instances among all nodes in a cluster. In the current release of ArcGIS Server, this value should always be set to ROUND_ROBIN.


The isolation level under which an instance of a service is run. The default is HIGH.

Values: LOW | HIGH


The maximum file size (in MB) that can be uploaded to the server by a client. The default is 2000.


A boolean indicating if the service is displayed in the ArcGIS Server Services Directory. This property is hidden by default and must be added manually. Use this property to hide retired services from the Services Directory and prevent new users or applications from consuming the service. Existing applications will continue to be able to consume the service until it is deleted from the server. Values: true | false

Sample usage: "deprecated": "true",

Service Type PropertiesDescription

A bag of properties for the targeted service type.

Extension PropertiesDescription

The type of extension. See the supported extension types.


The capabilities for this extension type.


A boolean indicating if the extension will be enabled on the service. Values: true | false


A bag of properties for the targeted extension type.


 "description": "my updated map service", 
 "capabilities": "map,query,data", 
 "clusterName": "default", 
 "minInstancesPerNode": 2, 
 "maxInstancesPerNode": 4, 
 "maxWaitTime": 60, 
 "maxIdleTime": 1800, 
 "maxUsageTime": 600, 
 "recycleInterval": 24, 
 "loadBalancing": "ROUND_ROBIN", 
 "isolationLevel": "HIGH", 
 "properties": { 
   "maxBufferCount": "100", 
   "virtualCacheDir": "http://SERVER1:6080/arcgis/server/arcgiscache", 
   "maxImageHeight": "2048", 
   "maxRecordCount": "1000", 
   "filePath": "\\\\machine\\data\\Corine\\CORINE6.msd", 
   "maxImageWidth": "2048", 
   "cacheOnDemand": "false", 
   "virtualOutputDir": "http://SERVER1:6080/arcgis/server/arcgisoutput", 
   "outputDir": "C:\\arcgisserver\\arcgisoutput", 
   "supportedImageReturnTypes": "MIME+URL", 
   "isCached": "false", 
   "ignoreCache": "false", 
   "clientCachingAllowed": "false", 
   "cacheDir": "C:\\arcgisserver\\arcgiscache\\Corine" 
 "extensions": [ 
    "typeName": "KmlServer", 
    "enabled": false, 
    "capabilities": "SingleImage,SeparateImages,Vectors", 
    "properties": { 
      "minRefreshPeriod": "30", 
      "compatibilityMode": "GoogleEarth", 
      "imageSize": "1024", 
      "dpi": "96", 
      "endPointURL": "null", 
      "featureLimit": "1000000", 
      "useDefaultSnippets": "false" 
    "typeName": "WFSServer", 
    "enabled": true, 
    "capabilities": "", 
    "properties": { 
      "appSchemaURI": "http://SERVER1:6080/arcgis", 
      "appSchemaPrefix": "arcgis", 
      "enableTransactions": "false" 
    "typeName": "WCSServer", 
    "enabled": true, 
    "capabilities": "", 
    "properties": {}