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Use Infographics with Business Analyst Enterprise

Install resources to use Infographics in ArcGIS Pro with a Business Analyst Enterprise implementation.

Beginning with the ArcGIS Pro 2.3 release, Infographics in ArcGIS Pro can be used with on-premises implementations of Business Analyst Enterprise. To support this functionality, Business Analyst Enterprise administrators must download and install some additional resources.

The following workflow explains the process for downloading and installing the application files and for publishing Infographic starter templates to an ArcGIS Enterprise Portal.

  1. Download and extract the following: infographics-player-webpart-ArcGISPro-current.7z
  2. Copy and paste the InfographicsPlayer folder into the portal apps directory: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\apps\InfographicsPlayer


    You will need to remove the InfographicsPlayer folder if you have had a previous version installed.

    The full path will look like this once copied: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\apps\InfographicsPlayer\ArcGISPro\current\reportPlayer\reportPlayerPro.html

  3. The Infographics player comes with a number of preconfigured starter infographic templates. To install them, run the provided Python script,

    This is what the contents of the starter infographic templates look like:

    Starter infographic templates

  4. Double-click the script. Then enter username, password, and portal URL.
    Python script

    This uploads the infographic starter templates to your Enterprise Portal.

    This can be verified checking your portal items. The starter infographic templates are saved into a folder called Report Player Standard Infographics 3.30.

    Available templates

    Now when using Infographics in ArcGIS Pro, you must log in to your ArcGIS Enterprise Portal and choose the infographic template you want to run.

    Run template