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Routing services

Routing services allow you to perform analysis on transportation networks, such as finding the best route across a city, finding the closest emergency vehicle or facility, identifying a service area around a location, or servicing a set of orders with a fleet of vehicles. The services can be used to perform analyses in 240 countries using high quality street data with global coverage.

Key features

  • Find a route and turn-by-turn directions for two or more locations.
  • Determine the optimal routes and directions for a fleet of vehicles with deliveries.
  • Find one or more nearby facilities from incidents based on travel time or distance.
  • Find the service area that can be reached by driving or walking from a location in a given time.
  • Generate a matrix of travel times or distances between multiple origins and destinations.
  • Find a set of facilities that will best serve demand from surrounding areas.
  • Access and display live traffic data with traffic speeds and incidents for routes.
  • Use travel modes (driving, walking, and trucks).
  • Define additional restrictions when finding routes such as avoiding toll roads or using preferred truck routes.
  • Add dynamic barriers that can either restrict or slow down travel.
  • Generate driving or walking directions in many languages.

Learn more about the routing service in the Mapping APIs and location services guide.

Access the services

To access the routing services you need the following:

  1. An ArcGIS Developer account or ArcGIS Online account.
  2. An access token (API key or OAuth 2.0).


To learn how to get an API key or to use OAuth 2.0, see Security and authentication in the Mapping APIs and location services guide.


This example shows how to find a route and directions between a set of stops. It accounts for the current time and returns the route geometry as multi-part line, and the directions in Spanish.

content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Find the best route and directions for three stops

To see the live example go to the Mapping APIs and location services guide.


Learn how to access the routing service with different ArcGIS and open source APIs in the Mapping APIs and location services guide.