Diagram Information object (Network Diagrams)


This topic discusses the JSON Diagram Information object as returned by the REST API.

A Diagram Information object provides the following information:

  • tag—The diagram tags (String).
  • isStored—Whether the diagram is stored, True, or temporary, False (Boolean).
  • canStore—Whether the diagram can be stored, True, or not, False (Boolean).
  • canExtend—Whether the diagram can be extended one feature level by connectivity, traversability, containment and attachment, True, or not, False (Boolean).
  • isSystem—Whether the diagram is a subnetwork system diagram, True, or not, False (Boolean).
  • creator—The diagram creator (String).
  • creationDate—The diagram creation date (Date).
  • lastUpdateBy—The name of the last user who updated the diagram (String).
  • lastUpdateDate— The diagram's last update date (String).
  • containerMargin— The diagram container margin (Double).
  • junctionCount—The number of diagram junctions (Long).
  • edgeCount—The number of diagram edges (Long).
  • containerCount—The number of diagram containers (Long).
  • aggregationCount—The number of diagram aggregations (Long).
  • access—The diagram access right level (String); esriDiagramPublicAccess | esriDiagramProtectedAccess | esriDiagramPrivateAccess.
  • diagramExtent—The extent of the diagram (Envelope).
  • networkExtent—The extent of the set of utility network features that compose the diagram (Envelope).
  • name—The diagram name (String).
  • id—The diagram GUID (String).
  • template—The name of the template the diagram is based on (String).
  • consistencyState—The diagram consistency state (String); esriDiagramIsConsistent | esriDiagramNotConsistentWithTopology | esriDiagramHasDirtyFeatures.


The parameter, consistencyState, is only returned by the findDiagramInfos operation.


The parameters, canStore and canExtend, are not supported on network diagrams prior to 10.6.1.

JSON Syntax

"diagramInfo": {
 "tag": "<diagUserTag>",
 "isStored": < true | false>,
 "canStore" : <true | false>,
 "canExtend" : <true | false>,
 "isSystem": < true | false>,
 "creator": "<diagCreator>",
 "creationDate": <diagCreationDate>,
 "lastUpdateBy": "<diagCreator>",
 "lastUpdateDate": <lastUpdateDate>,
 "containerMargin": <diagContainerMargin>,
 "junctionCount": <nbDiagJct>,
 "edgeCount": <nbDiagEdge>,
 "containerCount": <nbDiagCont>,
 "aggregationCount": <nbDiagAgg>,
 "access": <"esriDiagramPublicAccess" | "esriDiagramProtectedAccess" | "esriDiagramPrivateAccess">,
 "diagramExtent": <envelope>,
 "networkExtent": <envelope>
 "name": "<diagName>",
 "id": "<diagGUID>",
 "template": "<templateName>",
 "consistencyState": <"esriDiagramIsConsistent" | "esriDiagramNotConsistentWithTopology" | "esriDiagramHasDirtyFeatures">

JSON Example

  "tag": "",
  "isStored": true,
  "canStore" : true,
  "canExtend" : false,
  "isSystem": false,
  "creator": "acb7352",
  "creationDate": 1505219137000,
  "lastUpdateBy": "acb7352",
  "lastUpdateDate": 1505219137000,
  "containerMargin": 0.5,
  "junctionCount": 11,
  "edgeCount": 10,
  "containerCount": 1,
  "aggregationCount": 0,
  "access": "esriDiagramPublicAccess",
  "diagramExtent": {
   "xmin": 6807591.7656002343,
   "ymin": 1847967.7367558032,
   "xmax": 6808661.8976463079,
   "ymax": 1848650.1848659664,
   "spatialReference": {
    "wkid": 3498,
    "latestWkid": 3498
  "networkExtent": {
   "xmin": 6807591.7656002343,
   "ymin": 1847967.7367558032,
   "xmax": 6808661.8976463079,
   "ymax": 1848650.1848659664,
   "spatialReference": {
    "wkid": 3498,
    "latestWkid": 3498
  "name": "DiagramTest1",
  "id": "{033B675B-0DFF-4E82-85BC-85DD1235D42C}",
  "template": "Basic",
  "consistencyState": "esriDiagramHasDirtyFeatures"