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ArcGIS Developers

Attachment (Feature Service)


The Attachment resource represents an individual attachment associated with a feature. This resource is available only if the layer has advertised that it has attachments. A layer has attachments if its hasAttachments property is true.

The contents of the attachment are streamed to the client. Attachments are returned within an attachmentInfos resource. If the attachment is not found, an error is returned.

Example Usage

Note: This is an example URL only and is not an active link to an existing attachment.

JSON response syntax

   "id": <attachmentId1>,
   "contentType": "<contentType1>",
   "size": <size1>,
   "name": "<name1>"

JSON response example

   "id": 2,
   "contentType": "application/pdf",
   "size": 270133,
   "name": "Sales Deed"