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Convert Raster Function Template


The ConvertRasterFunctionTemplate task converts a raster function template between JSON and XML formats. ConvertRasterFunctionTemplate takes a raster function template in any of these two formats as input to convert the original source into the other specified format.

Request parameters


The portal item ID, or the JSON or XML format of the raster function template.

Syntax: A string describes the input raster function template.

{"itemId": <portal item Id>}


The format that the raster function template will be converted into.

Values: XML | JSON


When you submit a request, the task assigns a unique job ID for the transaction.


"jobId": "<unique job identifier>",
"jobStatus": "<job status>"

After the initial request is submitted, you can use jobId to periodically review the status of the job and messages as described in Checking job status. Once the job has successfully completed, use jobId to retrieve the results. To track the status, you can make a request of the following form:

https://<raster analysis tools url>/ConvertRasterFunctionTemplate/jobs/<jobId>

When the status of the job request is esriJobSucceeded, you can access the results of the analysis by making a request of the following form:

https://<raster analysis tools url>/ConvertRasterFunctionTemplate/jobs/<jobId>/results/<output parameter>

Example usage

The following is a sample request URL for ConvertRasterFunctionTemplate:

JSON Request example


JSON Response syntax

The response returns the outputRasterFunction and outputFormat output parameters. The outputRasterFunction parameter has properties for parameter name, data type, and value. The content of the value is always the output raster function itemId, URL, or both. The outputFormat parameter returns the format the raster function template has been converted into.

   "paramName": <parameter name>,
   "dataType": "GPDataFile",
   "value": <url to access the raster function template>}

JSON Response example

   "paramName": "outputRasterFunction",
   "dataType": "GPDataFile",
   "value": {"url":"https://...."}