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Default Aggregation Styles

At ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, tasks that have the defaultAggregationStyles property set to true in their context parameter will set the default aggregations for the resulting layer. If this parameter is set to true, default aggregations include square, pointy triangle, flat triangle, pointy hexagon, flat hexagon, and geohash. All aggregation styles are supported using wkid 4326 (WGS_1984).

When you create a map service from the resulting feature service, you can select the aggregation style using ArcGIS GeoEvent Server or a custom app. The syntax of defaultAggregationStyles is illustrated below.

The following is the default aggregation styles syntax:

"defaultAggregationStyles": true | false

The default aggregation style is supported for point, line and polygon features, and is useful for large datasets, if you don't want to view all the raw features at once.

You can set the defaultAggregationStyles as well as other context parameters, as shown below:

The following is the default aggregation styles, extent, and outSR example:

"context" : {
  "defaultAggregationStyles": true,
  "extent": {
    "xmin": -122.68,
    "ymin": 45.53,
    "xmax": -122.45,
    "ymax": 45.6,
    "spatialReference": {
      "wkid": 4326
  "processSR" : {"wkid" : 3857}