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Edit Result Object


This topic discusses the JSON Edit Result object as returned by the REST API.

An Edit Result contains feedback information about an individual edit that has been submitted to a Feature Service using one of the edit operations (including Apply Edits, Update Features, Add Attachment, and Synchronize Replica). An Edit Result is returned within the edit results portion of the response. Each edit result identifies a single feature and indicates whether or not the edit was successful. If not, it also includes an error code and an error description.

JSON Syntax

  "objectId" : <objectId>, //int, objectId value of the inserted feature
  "globalId" : <globalId>, //string, string globalId value of inserted feature
  "success" : <true | false>, //boolean, false if edit was not applied
  "error" :  { //only returned if success is false
  "code" : <code>, //string, error code
  "description" : <description>//string, error description

JSON Example

"addResults" : [	
    "objectId" : 3700,
    "globalId" : "{93BADD75-B2B7-497a-99F0-6E89B09C9C8E}",
    "success" : true 
    "objectId" : -1,
    "globalId" : "{9B395A2F-2A97-443f-8A32-0EDCC031226B}",
    "success" : false,
    "error" : {
      "code" : 100,
      "description" : "Provided Geometry does not have Z Value(s).", }