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Estimate Export Tile Size

  • URL:https://Map Service/estimateExportTilesSize
  • Version Introduced:10.2.1


The estimateExportTilesSize operation is an asynchronous task that allows estimation of the size of the tile package or the cache dataset that you download using the Export Tiles operation. This operation can also be used to estimate the tile count in a tile package and determine if it will exceed the maxExportTileCount limit set by the administrator of the service. The result of this operation is the Map Service Job resource. This job response contains reference to a Map Service Result resource that returns the total size of the cache to be exported (in bytes) and the number of tiles that will be exported.

At 10.2.2, estimateExportTilesSize is supported as an operation of the Map Server. The use of the estimateExportTilesSize/submitJob operation is deprecated.


estimateExportTilesSize does not account for the optional optimizeTilesForSize in the exportTiles operation, and the resulting estimated cache size may not be accurate if tiles are compressed at export time.

Request parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json


Description: Allows estimating the size for either a tile package or a cache raster dataset. Specify the value true for a tile package's format and false for a cache raster dataset. The default value is false.

Values: true | false


Description: The extent (bounding box) of the tile package or the cache dataset to be exported. If the extent does not include a spatial reference, the extent values are assumed to be in the spatial reference of the map. The default value is the full extent of the tiled map service.

Syntax: <xmin>, <ymin>, <xmax>, <ymax>

Example 1: -104,35.6,-94.32,41

Example 2: {"xmin" : -109.55, "ymin" : 25.76, "xmax" : -86.39, "ymax" : 49.94,"spatialReference" : {"wkid" : 4326}}


Description: The criteria that will be used to select the tile service levels to export. The values can be Level IDs, cache scales, or the Resolution (in the case of image services).

Values: LevelID | Resolution | Scale


Description: Specify the tiled service levels for which you want to get the estimates. The values should correspond to Level IDs, cache scales, or the Resolution as specified in the exportBy parameter. The values can be comma-separated values or a range.

Example 1: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Example 2: 1-4,7-9


Description: (Optional) The areaOfInterest polygon allows exporting tiles within the specified polygon areas. This parameter supersedes the exportExtent parameter.

Example: { "features": [{"geometry":{"rings":[[[-100,35],[-100,45],[-90,45],[-90,35],[-100,35]]],"spatialReference":{"wkid":4326}}}]}

Example usage

Example 1:

JSON Response syntax

{"jobId" : "<jobId>","jobStatus" : "<jobStatus>"}

JSON Response example

 "jobId": "jeeb938cbb2774269a7ca9910df4ee700",
 "jobStatus": "esriJobSubmitted"