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Feature output

All of the GeoAnalytics Tools create new data. This new data is typically feature data but in some cases, such as with the Summarize Attributes and Join Features tools, the output can include tables. These values are returned to you as a URL to a feature service layer. The Create Space Time cube tool returns a netCDF cube returned as a URL to a .nc file that can be downloaded.

URL to a feature service

When you specify the outputName of a task, the output will be a feature service that is hosted in your organization. You set the outputName parameter to a feature service name of your choosing. The output URL will be the URL to a layer within the service. Similarly, tables will be saved as layers in a feature service.

URL to a netCDF file

When you specify the outputCube of a Create Space Time Cube task, the output will be a netCDF file that you can download locally. You set the outputCube parameter to a space time cube name of your choosing.