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Get started with the Ortho Mapping service

The Ortho Mapping service contains a number of tasks that allow you to perform photogrammetric processing and generation of orthoimage mapping products. For the list of available tools, see Ortho Mapping service tasks.


The administrator of your organization needs to configure Portal for ArcGIS so that the Raster Analysis server capability is enabled. To use the analysis tasks, the administrator needs to grant you privileges to Create, update, and delete content and Publish hosted features. To use Raster Analysis tasks, you also need Publisher privileges.

Common patterns

The tasks in the Ortho Mapping service all share a common pattern described as follows:

  • For most tasks, one or more of the input parameters are rasters. These rasters can come from an image service, map service, or in the form of a raster dataset. See Raster Input for more information.
  • As described in Raster Output, all raster analysis tasks create data. How data is returned to you is controlled by the outputName parameter.
  • All tasks have a context parameter, which controls certain aspects of task execution.
  • All tasks execute asynchronously. That is, when you submit a request, a job identifier is returned to you, which you can use to track progress and retrieve results. See Check job status for more information.

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