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Input parameters


The geoprocessing input resource represents an input parameter for an asynchronous geoprocessing job. It provides the name, data type, and value for an input parameter. See the jobs resource for more information about an asynchronous geoprocessing job.

The value of the input parameter is the value provided when a job is submitted. See Geoprocessing services data types for the syntax for an input parameter.

If there are many input parameters to query, you can also use the Inputs resources, available from ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1.

Request parameter

For a job in succeeded status, the input parameter URL is available from the jobs resource. You can specify the following parameter for the response format:


Description: The response format. The default is html.

Values: html | json | pjson | kmz

For a job that is not in succeeded status, such as a canceled or failed job, no link or relative URL is available from the jobs resource; however, you can construct the request manually in the format<ServiceName>/GPServer/<TaskName>/jobs/<jobID>/inputs/<InputParameterName>. The request parameter above still applies.

Request example

For a MailingList task job, you can access its SearchDistance_ft input parameter with the following URL:

Obtain the input for the job with a jobID of jdb4cce48c464424e913c15c4f419b32a.

JSON Response syntax

The JSON Response includes the name of the parameter, the data type, and its value. The syntax of the value field can vary based on the data type of the parameter.

The response always has three keys: paramName, dataType, and value.

    "paramName" : "<parameter name>",
    "dataType" : "<data type>",
    "value" : <literal or object>

JSON Response example

The input parameter Input_String with the GPString data type, and the value of TestString.

    "paramName" : "Input_String",
    "dataType" : "GPString",
    "value" : "TestString"