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GP Result

  • URL:https://<job-url>/results/<param-name>
  • Version Introduced:9.3


The GP Result resource represents a result parameter for a GP Job. It provides information about the result parameter, such as its name, data type, and value. The value is the most important piece of information provided by this resource. Based on the data type of the parameter, the value provides different types of information. Given this, the value will have different structures based on the data type as defined below.

Request parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html. Support for f=amf was added at 10.0 and removed at 10.7. Support for f=pbf was added at 10.8, and it is only available for geoprocessing services published from ArcGIS Pro with GPFeatureRecordSetLayer results.

Values: html | json | image | kmz | geojson | pbf

Default: html


Description: The spatial reference of the output geometries.

The spatial reference can be specified as either a well-known ID or a spatial reference JSON object.

This parameter is applicable for result parameters that contain geometries. This parameter can be used to return the geometries in a spatial reference that is different than the spatial reference in which the outputs were initially created.


Description: If the geoprocessing service is associated with a result map service, the default output for the GPRasterDataLayer and GPFeatureSetLayer parameters is a map image. However, you can explicitly request the raw raster data using returnType and setting its value to data.

Values: data


Description: This applies to a result returning GPFeatureRecordSetLayer. If true, z-values are included in the results when the features have z-values. Otherwise, z-values are not returned.

Default: false.


Description: This applies to results returning GPFeatureRecordSetLayer. If true, m-values are included in the results when the features have m-values. Otherwise, m-values are not returned.



This option was added at 10.6.

Description: This applies to results returning GPFeatureRecordSetLayer. If true, the feature collection of the results will be returned.

Default: false


This option was added at 11.0.

Description: This applies to results returning GPValueTable. If true, the column names of all columns will be returned when all column names are unique and not empty.

Default: false

Example usage

To access the Output_Features result parameter of a GP Job

To access the OutputValueTable result parameter in the format of JSON with column names.

Note that jbcb... used in the example is an example Job ID, and the Job ID of your job will vary.

JSON Response syntax

    "paramName": "<paramName>",
    "dataType": "<dataType>",
    "value": <valueLiteralOrObject>

JSON Response example

    "paramName": "Output_String",
    "dataType": "GPString",
    "value": "TestString"

Parameter values

Learn more about the syntax and examples of supported output geoprocessing services data types.