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Image Support Data

  • URL:https://<rastercatalogitem-url>/info/imageSupportData
  • Required Capability:Catalog, Image
  • Version Introduced:10.8.1



As of 10.5, you must license your ArcGIS Server as an ArcGIS Image Server site to use this resource.

This child resource returns image support data of the NITF based raster catalog item. The output format is always XML. Specifically, the Image Support Data resource returns the NITF file structure and contents in XML format to provide more detailed information about a particular NITF file.

The image service raster Image Support Data resource is available when the following conditions are met:

  • ArcObjects11 is used as the service provider.
  • The image service image capability is enabled.
  • The image service catalog capability is enabled.
  • The requested catalog item is currently limited to those in NITF format.

Example usage

Below is a sample request URL that demonstrates how to return image support data structure and content from a NITF file:


JSON Response syntax

Returns an xml file.

JSON Response example

<NITF xmlns="ESRI" 
    xmlns:xsd="" xsd:schemaLocation="ESRI" version="02.10">
        <Field field="FHDR" name="File Profile Name [NITF|NSIF]" size="4" type="R">NITF</Field>
        <Field field="FVER" name="File Version [02.10|01.00]" size="5" type="R">02.10</Field>
        <Field field="CLEVEL" name="Complexity Level [01-99]" size="2" type="R">06</Field>
        <Field field="STYPE" name="Standard Type [BF01]" size="4" type="R">BF01</Field>
        <Field field="OSTAID" name="Originating Station ID" size="10" type="R">DG </Field>
        <Field field="FDT" name="File Date and Time {CCYYMMDDhhmmss}" size="14" type="R">20180214174846</Field>
        <Field field="FTITLE" name="File Title" size="80" type="(R)">13JUL29065309-P1BS-057572385030_01_P001.NTF </Field>
        <Field field="FSCLAS" name="File Security Classification [C|R|S|T|U]" size="1" type="R">U</Field>
        <Field field="FSCLSY" name="File Security Classification System" size="2" type="(R)">US</Field>
        <Field field="FSCODE" name="File Codewords" size="11" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSCTLH" name="File Control and Handling" size="2" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSREL" name="File Releasing Instructions" size="20" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSDCTP" name="File Declassification Type [DD|DE|GD|GE|O|X|blank]" size="2" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSDCDT" name="File Declassification Date {CCYYMMDD}|[blank]" size="8" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSDCXM" name="File Declassification Exemption" size="4" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSDG" name="File Downgrade [C|R|S|blank]" size="1" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSDGDT" name="File Downgrade Date {CCYYMMDD}|[blank]" size="8" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSCLTX" name="File Classification Text" size="43" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSCATP" name="File Classification Authority Type" size="1" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSCAUT" name="File Classification Authority" size="40" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSCRSN" name="File Classification Reason [A-G|blank]" size="1" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSSRDT" name="File Security Source Date {CCYYMMDD}|[blank]" size="8" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSCTLN" name="File Security Control Number" size="15" type="(R)"></Field>
        <Field field="FSCOP" name="File Copy Number [00000-99999]" size="5" type="R">00000</Field>
        <Field field="FSCPYS" name="File Number of Copies [00000-99999]" size="5" type="R">00000</Field>
        <Field field="ENCRYP" name="Encryption [0]" size="1" type="R">0</Field>
        <Field field="FBKGC" name="File Background Color" size="3" type="R">~~~</Field>
        <Field field="ONAME" name="Originator's Name" size="24" type="(R)">DigitalGlobe </Field>
        <Field field="OPHONE" name="Originator's Phone Number" size="18" type="(R)">+1(800)496-1225 </Field>
        <Field field="FL" name="File Length [000000000388-999999999998|999999999999]" size="12" type="R">000723520961</Field>
        <Field field="HL" name="NITF File Header Length [000388-999999]" size="6" type="R">000413</Field>
        <Field field="NUMI" name="Number of Image Segments [000-999]" size="3" type="R">001</Field>
        <Field field="LISH001" name="Length of nth Image Subheader [000439-999998|999999]" size="6" type="C">002545</Field>
        <Field field="LI001" name="Length of nth Image Segment [0000000001-9999999998|9999999999]" size="10" type="C">0723517440</Field>
        <Field field="NUMS" name="Number of Graphic Segments [000-999]" size="3" type="R">000</Field>
        <Field field="NUMX" name="Reserved for Future Use [000]" size="3" type="R">000</Field>
        <Field field="NUMT" name="Number of Text Segments [000-999]" size="3" type="R">001</Field>
        <Field field="LTSH001" name="Length of nth Text Subheader [0282-9998|9999]" size="4" type="C">0282</Field>
        <Field field="LT001" name="Length of nth Text Segment [00001-99998|99999]" size="5" type="C">00281</Field>
        <Field field="NUMDES" name="Number of Data Extension Segments [000-999]" size="3" type="R">000</Field>
        <Field field="NUMRES" name="Number of Reserved Extension Segments [000-999]" size="3" type="R">000</Field>
        <Field field="UDHDL" name="User Defined Header Data Length [00000|00003-99999]" size="5" type="R">00000</Field>
        <Field field="XHDL" name="Extended Header Data Length [00000|00003|99999]" size="5" type="R">00000</Field>
    <ImageSegments total="1">