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Item Information


The iteminfo resource returns the item information card for the service, which includes a description, a summary, and tags.

New in 10.6.1

For feature and map services published using ArcGIS Pro (2.2 or later) layer / table resource on services support the iteminfo resource. Check the hasMetadata flag on a layer / table resource to determine if that layer / table supports the iteminfo resource.

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Example: Return item information for a MapService in JSON format:

JSON Response syntax

 "culture": "<culture>",
 "name": "<servicename>",
 "guid": "<guid>",
 "catalogpath": "<catalogpath>",
 "snippet": "<snippet>",
 "description": "<description>",
 "Summary": "<service summary>",
 "title": "<title>",
 "tags": [
 "type": "<service type>",
 "typekeywords": [
 "thumbnail": "<relative thumbnail url>",
 "url": "",
 "extent": {
  "xmin": "<xmin>",
  "ymin": ">ymin>",
  "xmax": ">xmax>",
  "ymax": ">ymax>"
 "spatialreference": "<spatialreference>",
 "accessinformation": "<service access information>",
 "licenseinfo": "<service licence information >"

JSON Response example

 "culture": "en-US",
 "name": "sanfrancisco_museums",
 "guid": "2D4D1E57-3613-4288-9221-90C97FB2803B",
 "catalogpath": "",
 "snippet": "Sample Map containing San Francisco Museum data",
 "description": "Sample Map containing point of interests in San Francisco (museums)",
 "Summary": "Sample Map containing San Francisco Museum data",
 "title": "Clustering",
 "tags": [
  "San Francisco",
 "type": "Map Service",
 "typekeywords": [
  "Map Service",
  "ArcGIS Server"
 "thumbnail": "thumbnail/thumbnail.png",
 "url": "https://server/arcgis/services/sanfrancisco_museums/",
 "extent": {
  "xmin": "-122.515048",
  "ymin": "37.632528",
  "xmax": "-122.293731",
  "ymax": "37.863433"
 "spatialreference": "GCS_WGS_1984",
 "accessinformation": "esri",
 "licenseinfo": "This is a test service."