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Key Properties

  • URL:https://<imageservice-url>/keyProperties
  • Required Capability:Image
  • Version Introduced:10.1


The keyProperties resource returns key properties of the image service. The output format is always JSON.

At 10.3 and later, this resource also takes an optional renderingRule parameter. You can get updated key properties if the source image service goes through a custom processing as defined by the renderingRule.

Request parameters


Description: The response format. The response format is always JSON.

Values: pjson | json


This parameter was added at 10.3.

Description: Specifies the rendering rule for how the requested image should be processed. The response contains updated service information that reflects a custom processing as defined by the rendering rule. For example, if renderingRule contains an attributeTable function, the response will indicate "hasRasterAttributeTable": true; if the renderingRule contains functions that alter the number of bands, the response will indicate correct bandCount.

See the raster function JSON objects for the syntax and examples.

Example usage

Example: Return key properties of an image service created from an NITF image.

JSON Response syntax


JSON Response example

    "HighCellSize": 4,
    "BandProperties": [
            "BandName": "Blue",
            "WavelengthMin": 445,
            "WavelengthMax": 516
            "BandName": "Green",
            "WavelengthMin": 506,
            "WavelengthMax": 595
            "BandName": "Red",
            "WavelengthMin": 632,
            "WavelengthMax": 698
            "BandName": "NearInfrared",
            "WavelengthMin": 757,
            "WavelengthMax": 863
    "LowCellSize": 1,
    "ConfigKeyword": "",
    "BandDefinitionKeyword": "IKONOS",
    "MaxCellSize": 40