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Add (Fields)



At ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1, named users in the Enterprise portal must be licensed with the ArcGIS Knowledge user type extension to create, edit, and update Knowledge Graph Server services. At ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0, your account no longer requires the ArcGIS Knowledge user type extension, but you must be signed in to the Enterprise portal to create, edit, and update Knowledge Graph Server services.

The add operation is available for the fields resource associated with a named type in a knowledge graph service's data model. With this operation, you can add a field to an entity type or relationship type currently defined in the data model. Identify the type you want to add a field to by specifying the type name. Use the data model query operation to learn about the item types that are defined in the schema and the fields already defined for that type.

You must have sufficient privileges to edit content and editing must be enabled for the knowledge graph service for this operation to be successful. You can enable editing for a knowledge graph service in the same way that you enable it for a hosted feature layer. The knowledge graph service's strict property must not be set to true, which indicates the data model cannot be modified.

When defining a new named type, its name must satisfy all naming restrictions for properties of entity types and relationship types.

Requests and responses

This operation can only be performed by sending a Protocolbuffer Binary Format (PBF)-formatted request and receiving a PBF-formatted response. Details of the request and response parameters are provided in the appropriate .proto files.

PBF request

Create a PBF-formatted request to perform this operation based on the AddFieldsRequest.proto file.

PBF response

Create a PBF-formatted response to get feedback from the operation based on the AddFieldsResponse.proto file.