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Update (Edit Data Model)



The active portal account must be licensed with the ArcGIS Knowledge user type extension to use Knowledge Graph Server services.

The update operation allows an administrative client to modify edit settings associated with the knowledge graph service's administrative data model resource. With this operation, you can set the strict property for the knowledge graph service's data model as a whole. For example, making this change would mean only the owner of the service or the service administrator can add or remove entity types and relationship types, and add and remove properties for any type. Instead of setting the entire data model to be strict, you can change this setting for specific entity types and relationship types that should not be modified.

Use the data model Query operation to learn about the item types that are defined in the schema. Use the data model Named Types resource with the name of a specific entity type or relationship type to access information about and modify settings for that graph item.

JSON Response syntax

  "strict": <boolean>

JSON Response example

  "strict": true