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Lock Diagram


The lockDiagram operation is performed on a schematic diagram template resource. The result of this operation is a Schematic Diagram Information Object. It is used to intentionally lock a schematic diagram to avoid users updating it or changing its layout.

Note: Schematics services published without the Editing operation enabled don't support the lockDiagram operation.

You can provide arguments to the lockDiagram operation as query parameters defined in the parameters table below.

Request Parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json



Description: The diagram name.

Syntax: name=<diagramName>

Example: name=DiagramFrom_pug_PUG_gas_plants_ID3



Description: The login of the user who locks the diagram.

Syntax: user=<diagramLockedBy>

Example: user=NCA3885

Example Usage

Since the S1_Schematics Schematics service is published without the Editing operation enabled, it doesn't support the lockDiagram operation.

With the Editing operation enabled, you could lock the MPS_Goldmine schematic diagram based on the diagram template 2 under this service by executing the operation as follows:

JSON Response Syntax

  "name": "<diagramName>",
  "id": "<diagramId>",
  "templateIdentifier": "<templateIdentifier>",
  "templateObjectID": <templateObjectID>,
  "schematicLayerIdentifier": <schematicLayerIdentifier>,
  "folderObjectID": <folderObjectID>,
  "folderIdentifier": "<folderIdentifier>",
  "objectID": <objectID>,
  "createdBy": "<diagramCreator>",
  "lastModificationBy": "<diagramLastEditor>",
  "lastUpdateBy": "<diagramLastUpdator>",
  "creationDate": "<diagramCreationDate>",
  "lastModificationDate": "<diagramModificationDate>",
  "lastUpdateDate": "<diagramLastUpdateDate>",
  "lockedBy": "<diagramLastLocker>",
  "version": "<version>",
  "extent": <envelope>,
  "rootNodes": [
  "endNodes": [

JSON Response Example

  "name": "DiagramFrom_pug_PUG_gas_plants_ID3",
   "id": "0-5",
   "templateIdentifier": "0",
   "templateObjectID": 892,
   "schematicLayerIdentifier": 0,
   "folderObjectID": -2,
   "folderIdentifier": "-2",
   "objectID": 5,
   "createdBy": "NCA3885",
   "lastModificationBy": "NCA3885",
   "lastUpdateBy": "",
   "creationDate": "05/13/11 14:13:57",
   "lastModificationDate": "05/13/11 14:13:57",
   "lastUpdateDate": "",
   "lockedBy": "NCA3885",
   "version": "sde.DEFAULT",
   "extent": {
     "xmin": -37.342619999999989,
     "ymin": -11.398460000000886,
     "xmax": -37.342179999999097,
     "ymax": -11.398019999999997,
     "spatialReference": {
      "wkid": 4326,
      "latestWkid": 4326