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Get Calibration Configuration



The ArcGIS Location Referencing license is required to use this resource.

This operation retrieves the calibration configuration from the LRS dataset for the signed in ArcGIS Enterprise portal user.

Event behaviors are applied for manual calibration point edits if calibration configuration is set to include. Anonymous user is not supported.

If setCalibrationConfiguration hasn't been called before calling this operation, the default value returned is include.

Learn more about excluding manual calibration from event behaviors in Pipeline Referencing or about excluding manual calibration from event behaviors in Roads and Highways.

Request parameters


Optional parameter to specify the response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

URL to retrieve the current calibration configuration.


JSON Response syntax

 "calibrationConfiguration": "<calibrationConfiguration>" // one of include and exclude

JSON Response example

 "calibrationConfiguration": "include"