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The ArcGIS Location Referencing license is required to use this resource.

This operation provides information on the LRS conflict prevention (or locking) scheme for a single LRS workspace in the map service. Locking is recommended to prevent conflicting edits from being applied on the same line or route by multiple persons.

The conflictPreventionEnabled property indicates whether locking is currently being enforced in an LRS. This setting applies only to branch versioned LRS feature classes in an enterprise geodatabase. File geodatabases do not require conflict prevention since concurrent editing by multiple persons is not permitted.

The lockTableFields property contains a listing of field names to enable querying of the LRS locks table.

Request parameters


Optional parameter to specify the response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Example 1

URL for the LRS lock information.


JSON Response syntax

  "lrs" : [
      "id" : "<id>",
      "name" : "<name>",
      "conflictPreventionEnabled" : <true | false>,
      "lockTableFields" : {
        "objectIdFieldName" : "<fieldName>",
        "networkIdFieldName" : "<fieldName>",
        "routeIdFieldName" : "<fieldName>",
        "lockUserFieldName" : "<fieldName>",
        "lockVersionFieldName" : "<fieldName>",
        "lockDateFieldName" : "<fieldName>",
        "eventFeatureClassFieldName": "<fieldName>"

JSON Response example

  "lrs" : [
      "id" : "DFB23B7D-69D1-460F-B7E0-0FB190D23B96",
      "name" : "DOT_LRS",
      "conflictPreventionEnabled" : true,
      "lockTableFields" : {
        "objectIdFieldName" : "ObjectId",
        "networkIdFieldName" : "NetworkId",
        "routeIdFieldName" : "RouteId",
        "lockUserFieldName" : "LockUser",
        "lockVersionFieldName" : "LockVersion",
        "lockDateFieldName" : "LockDateTime",
        "eventFeatureClassFieldName": "EventFeatureClass"