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Set Cartographic Realignment Configuration



The ArcGIS Location Referencing license is required to use this resource.

This operation sets the cartographic realignment configuration for the LRS dataset for the signed in ArcGIS Enterprise portal user.

The cartographic realignment configuration is stored in the linear referencing system (LRS) dataset. Anonymous user is not supported.

Any subsequent cartographic realignment edit will use the set configuration.

Learn more about cartographic realignment configuration in Pipeline Referencing or cartographic realignment configuration in Roads and Highways.

Request parameters


Optional parameter to specify the response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json


Description: Required parameter to specify the cartographic realignment configuration.

Values: proportionalsnap | delete | ignore

Example usage

URL to set cartographic realignment configuration.

JSON Response syntax

 "success": "<true | false>"

JSON Response example

 "success": true