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Map Tile

  • URL:https://<mapservice-url>/tile/<level>/<row>/<column>
  • Required Capability:Map
  • Version Introduced:9.3


For cached maps, this resource represents a single cached tile for the map. The image bytes for the tile at the specified level, row, and column are directly streamed to the client. If the tile is not found, an HTTP status code of 404 (Not found) is returned.

Request parameters


This parameter applies only to cached map services that are configured with the ability to return blank or missing tiles for areas where cache is not available. When blankTile is false, the server will return a resource not found (HTTP 404) response instead of a blank or missing tile. When this parameter is not set, the response will contain the header blank-tile as true for a blank/missing tile.

Values: true | false

Example usage

The following sample request demonstrates a requests a map tile for the PublicSafetyBasemap service: