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Output Spatial Reference

ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server tasks that have the outSR property in their Context parameter will save results in the specified spatial reference. If you are saving the results to the spatiotemporal data store all results will be projected to World Geographic Coordinate System 1984 after analysis for storage and the outSR will not be used. Set the spatial reference that results will be analyzed in using the Process Spatial Reference.

Ouput spatial reference syntax:

"outSR": {"wkid": <wkid>}

wkid is the well-known integer ID of a spatial reference. See Using spatial references for the list of supported spatial references and their IDs.

Spatial Reference example (GCS_WGS_1984)

"outSR": {"wkid": 4326}

You may use a different spatial reference for analysis (processSR), output spatial reference (outSR) and for defining the processing extent(See: Extent). For example, you can define the extent to be wkid 4326 (GDC_WGS_1984) and analyze in wkid 3857 (WGS_1984 Web Mercator - auxiliary sphere):

Extent, dataStore, and outSR example:

"context" : {
  "extent": {
    "xmin": -122.68,
    "ymin": 45.53,
    "xmax": -122.45,
    "ymax": 45.6,
    "spatialReference": {
      "wkid": 4326
  "outSR": {"wkid" : 3857},
  "dataStore": "relational"