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Data store

ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server tasks that have the dataStore property in their context parameter save results to the specified data store. By default, results are stored in the spatiotemporal data store, and a spatiotemporal data store is required to use ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server. It is recommended that you store results in the spatiotemporal data store due to the scalability of the spatiotemporal big data store.


Results that are stored in the spatiotemporal data store must be stored as wkid = 4326. If you specify a Process Spatial Reference, analysis will be completed in the processSR property and projected to 4326 for storage.

Data store syntax:

{ "dataStore":  < "relational" > | < "spatiotemporal" > }

You have the following options for storing results:

  • In the ArcGIS Data Store relational data store.
  • In the ArcGIS Data Store spatiotemporal big data store.
  • At 10.7 or later, you can store results in a big data file share in the format /bigDataFileShares/<big data file share name>:<output template name>. For example, if you have a big data file share named CityData with an output template called parquet_template, you can store it using /bigDatafileShares/CityData:parquet_template. See Get started with big data file shares in the Server documentation for more information.

Data store example (relational data store)

{"dataStore": "relational"}

Data store example (big data file share named myData, and template named shp_output)

{"dataStore": "/bigDatafileShares/myData:shp_output"}

Extent, processSR, datastore, and outSR example:

"context" : {
  "extent": {
    "xmin": -122.68,
    "ymin": 45.53,
    "xmax": -122.45,
    "ymax": 45.6,
    "spatialReference": {
      "wkid": 4326
  "processSR" : {"wkid" : 3857},
  "dataStore" : "relational",
  "outSR" : {"wkid" : 4326}