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Overview of Trace Network services

The trace network is accessed through a combination of services to support trace network workflows. Several service types are used in addition to extending the feature service to support the trace network. These extension services are enabled on the map service by the capabilities that the service will support.

This diagram presents an architectural overview of how your services interact with geodatabases and ArcGIS Enterprise.

The active portal account must be licensed with the ArcGIS Advanced Editing user type extension to use the Trace Network and Network Diagram services.

Architectural overview of trace network services

Publishing a trace network dataset enables the Trace Network and Network Diagram services by default:

  • The Trace Network service performs operations such as trace, validate network topology, and querying network moments.
  • The Network Diagram service performs all operations related to diagrams such as creating diagrams and working with layouts.

The Feature service has been extended to recognize trace network concepts such as associations and dirty area management.

The Version Management service provides additional capability to work with and manage branch versioned datasets. This extends the feature service to enable operations such as version creation, reconcile, post, and undo and redo of edits.

The Validation service provides additional capability to support the evaluation of geodatabase rules.

To view the REST endpoints of these services, use the following URLs:


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