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Raster ICS To Pixel

  • URL:https://<imageservice-url>/icsToPixel
  • Required Capability:Catalog
  • Version Introduced:10.7



As of 10.5, you must license your ArcGIS Server as an ArcGIS Image Server to use this resource.

This operation is supported at 10.7 and later.

The image service raster icsToPixel resource is available when the following conditions are met:

  • ArcObjects11 or ArcObjectsRasterRendering is used as the service provider.
  • The image service catalog capability is enabled.
  • The requested catalog item has sensor transformation information, such as frame camera or rational polynomial coefficients.

The raster icsToPixel resource returns coefficients to build up the mathematic model for geometric transformation. With this transformation, ICS coordinates based from the catalog item raster can be used to calculate the original column and row numbers on the corresponding image.

You can provide arguments to the icsToPixel operation as query parameters defined in the parameters table below.

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Return the geometric transformation coefficients to perform image coordinate system [sensor: Frame] to pixel (column, row) transformation:


JSON response syntax


JSON response example

 "ipxf": {
  "affine": {
   "name": "ics [sensor: Frame] to pixel (column, row) transformation",
   "coefficients": [
   "cellsizeRatio": 0,
   "type": "GeometricXform"