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Reconcile Version



The ArcGIS Location Referencing license is required to use this resource.

Reconciles an edit version against a target version with the option to post changes after a successful reconcile.

Version names are case sensitive and should take the form {owner}.{version}, for example, sde.DEFAULT.

Changes to the same row or feature in the target and edit versions might cause a conflict during the reconcile. The reconcile process will be aborted if conflicts are found. Conflicts must be resolved manually before the next reconcile, and the post process will not start until a reconcile is successfully completed.

If the option is chosen to post after reconcile (withPost=true), a shared version lock will be obtained on the target version during the reconcile process. This ensures that the target version is not modified in the time between the reconcile and the post.

Request parameters


Description: Optional parameter to specify the response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json



Description: Name of a version in the ancestry of the edit version, such as the parent version or the default version.

Typically contains edits from other versions that the user performing the reconcile would like to pull into their edit version.



Description: Name of the edit version to be reconciled with the target version.


Description: If true, changes in the edit version will be posted to the target version after a successful reconcile. The default is false. If true, and checkOnly is also true, this parameter will be ignored.

Values: false | true


Description: A unique ID that identifies an LRS workspace. Refer to the LRS service resource for a list of LRS workspaces and their IDs.

If there is only one LRS workspace referenced by the map service, that LRS is used by default. Otherwise, the lrsId parameter is required.


Description: If true, this operation only checks if a reconcile is needed between the edit version and the target version. No actual reconciling or posting is performed.

The default is false.

Values: false | true

Example usage

Example 1

URL for reconciling (but not posting) edit version 'data_owner.job_42' with target version 'sde.DEFAULT' in the LRS workspace '387ad279-6026-4680-8171-fd17d1b9efd4'.


Example 2

URL for reconciling and posting edit version 'data_owner.job_42' with target version 'sde.DEFAULT' in the LRS workspace '387ad279-6026-4680-8171-fd17d1b9efd4'.


JSON Response syntax

Example of when it's successful.

  "hasConflicts" : <true | false>  // whether there were conflicts during reconcile

Example of when checkOnly=true.

  "needsReconcile" : <true | false>

JSON Response example

Example of when an error occurs.

  "error" : {
    "code" : <errorCode>,
    "message" : "<errorMessage>",
    "details" : [ "<detail>", ... ]