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Resampling Method

Raster analysis tasks that have the resamplingMethod property set in the context parameter use the specified resampling method when you're transforming your raster dataset.

The resamplingMethod property has three options.

  • ResamplingMethod (resamplingMethod)—Choose the resampling method to use when creating the raster dataset for download.
    • NEAREST—Uses the value of the closest cell to assign a value to the output cell when resampling. This is the default.
    • BILINEAR—Determines the new value of a cell based on a weighted distance average of the four nearest input cell centers.
    • CUBIC—Determines the new value of a cell based on fitting a smooth curve through the 16 nearest input cell centers.

Resampling Method syntax for image resampling:

{"resamplingMethod": "BILINEAR"}

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