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Edit Job



The ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension is required to use this resource.


This resource is dependent on the ArcGIS Data Reviewer ArcMap runtime-based server object extension (SOE). ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.x, part of the ArcGIS 2021 releases, is the last release of ArcGIS Enterprise to support services published from ArcMap.

Consider Data Reviewer capabilities enabled using ArcGIS Pro and integrated in the Validation service.

A REST resource that changes job properties for an existing scheduled job. The sessionIdvalue in the batchValidationSettings parameter must be in full string format: Session 1 : Session 1.

Request parameters


JSON object with name/value pairs

Values: {"sessionId":"<reviewer_session_id>","batchJobFileItemId":"<upload itemId>","productionWorkspace":"<path to production workspace>","productionWorkspaceVersion":"<name of version>","analysisArea":<JSON polygon>,"changedFeaturesOnly":true|false}


A cron string indicating time and date of execution.

Values: Seconds, minutes, hours, day-of-month, month, day-of-week, year. A cron schedule of 0 30 10 * * ? executes the job every day at 10:30 UTC.


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Change job f4309363-c334-45ac-936a-fcb9181bf0a7 to run on Reviewer session "Session 2 : Session 2."

https://localhost:6443/arcgis/rest/services/reviewer/MapServer/exts/DataReviewerServer/BatchValidation/scheduledJobs/f4309363-c334-45ac-936a-fcb9181bf0a7/editJob?batchValidationSettings={"sessionId":"Session 2 : Session 2"}&schedule=&f=pjson

JSON Response example

  "edited": true