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Get Layer Definition



The ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension is required to use this resource.


This resource is dependent on the ArcGIS Data Reviewer ArcMap runtime-based server object extension (SOE). ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.x, part of the ArcGIS 2021 releases, is the last release of ArcGIS Enterprise to support services published from ArcMap.

Consider Data Reviewer capabilities enabled using ArcGIS Pro and integrated in the Validation service.

A utility operation that returns a where clause given a set of input filters. You can use this where clause as the definitionExpressionof the Data Reviewer map service.


Using the getLayerDefinition operation restricts the display of features in the Dynamic Layer to those that satisfy the criteria defined in the input filters.

Request parameters


An array of filters. A filter is a JSON structure. There are four types: singleAttributeFilter, rangeAttributeFilter, listAttributeFilter, spatialFilter. You can have one or more filters of different types in the filters array. If you use multiple filters, spatialFilters are applied before attribute filters. Multiple filters are evaluated using AND operands: Filter 1 AND Filter 2 AND Filter 3.

JSON Structures:



The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Return a map service query string where SEVERITY = 1.


JSON Response example

 "whereClause": "  ((REVTABLEMAIN.SEVERITY = 1))"