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The ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension is required to use this resource.


This resource is dependent on the ArcGIS Data Reviewer ArcMap runtime-based server object extension (SOE). ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.x, part of the ArcGIS 2021 releases, is the last release of ArcGIS Enterprise to support services published from ArcMap.

Consider Data Reviewer capabilities enabled using ArcGIS Pro and integrated in the Validation service.

Writes a geometry and Data Reviewer attributes to the Data Reviewer workspace. Geometries are JSON point, polyline, or polygon objects. See the ArcGIS Data Reviewer REST API Reference for information on JSON geometries. Specify geometry in the geometry parameter.

Specify Data Reviewer attributes in the reviewerAttributes parameter. reviewerAttributes are JSON objects that contain a dictionary of name-value pairs. Names correspond to fields in REVTABLEMAIN.

Request parameters


A JSON geometry to submit to the Data Reviewer workspace.


  "y": 5127218.652274431,
  "x": -9813913.82429374,
  "spatialReference": {

The attributes of the geometry to submit to the Data Reviewer workspace.


  "sessionId": <sessionId number>,
  "severity": <severity value (1-5)>,
  "reviewTechnician": "<name>",
  "reviewStatus": "<status value as string>",
  "subtype": "<a feature class subtype>",
  "notes": "<descriptive information>",
  "lifecycleStatus": <descriptionCode>,
  "resourceName": "<origin table name>"

The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Reviewer attribute properties


The session in which validation will occur. A Reviewer session is similar to an edit session in that it represents a set of interactions with your data. While edit sessions contain editing transactions, a Reviewer session contains quality control tasks. Sessions are stored in the Reviewer workspace, and created with the Session Manager tool in the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension for ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro, or using the Create Reviewer Session geoprocessing tool. Use the numeric format only.


Data Reviewer severity value. Severity allows you to indicate the importance of a check's results.


The user name that submits results or features to the Data Reviewer workspace.


A status value (any string) written to the ReviewStatus field for the result or feature submitted to the Data Reviewer workspace.


Submitted as a string to REVTABLEMAIN. Subtype should be a valid subtype in the feature class specified in the OriginTable field in REVTABLEMAIN.


Extra information describing a result or a feature.


The state of a Data Reviewer result in the quality control workflow. lifecycleStatus should match a descriptionCode.


Represents a Data Reviewer resource name. This parameter corresponds to the OriginTable and the ResourceName fields in REVCHECKRUNTABLE.

Example usage

Example one

The following request demonstrates how to write a point feature geometry and Data Reviewer attributes to a Data Reviewerworkspace:{"y":5127218.652274431,"x":-9813913.82429374,"spatialReference":{"wkid":102100}}&reviewerAttributes={"sessionId":1,"severity":2,"reviewTechnician":"qcTech","reviewStatus":"initial QC","subtype":"","notes":"Close to river","lifecycleStatus":1,"resourceName":"Demographics"}&f=pjson

Example two

The following request demonstrates how to write a polyline geometry and Data Reviewer attributes to a Data Reviewerworkspace:{"paths":[[[-9812337.098714272,5126138.02887912],[-9812212.888543308,5125966.0455654785],[-9812270.21631452,5125612.52430966],[-9812155.560772093,5125488.314138697],[-9812098.23300088,5125650.742823803]]],"spatialReference":{"wkid":102100}}&reviewerAttributes={"sessionId":2,"severity":4,"reviewTechnician":"qcTech","reviewStatus":"initial QC","subtype":"","notes":"drainage","lifecycleStatus":1,"resourceName":"sewer"}&f=pjson

Example three

The following request demonstrates how to write a polygon feature geometry and Data Reviewer attributes to a Data Reviewer workspace:{"spatialReference":{"wkid":102100},"rings":[[[-9812862.568244534,5128213.1012215465],[-9812533.014583295,5128217.878535815],[-9812537.791897563,5128002.899393757],[-9812915.11870148,5128007.676708025],[-9812915.11870148,5128160.550764599],[-9812862.568244534,5128213.1012215465]]]}&reviewerAttributes={"sessionId":1,"severity":3,"reviewTechnician":"QCTech","reviewStatus":"review area","subtype":"","notes":"Kendall Park","lifecycleStatus":1,"resourceName":"Demographics"}&f=pjson

JSON Response example

  "result": "success",
  "messages": ""